A Beginners Guide to Statement Jewellery

It was my first trade show, I was launching the Ebony Revolution collection and had spent months perfecting every glorious bold beautiful detail. I couldn't wait to hear what the public had to say about it.
The doors opened and it wasn't long before the compliments rolled in, "I love your work... the material is amazing... it's so beautiful." 
But along with the drooling eyes, often followed, " I wish I knew how to carry that off..."

I heard it so often that I realised how many of you out there who love bold individual jewellery, and would love to wear one of my pieces, just don't know how to bring that part of you to life. 

Well, from a woman who wears statement jewellery everyday, I’m here to let you in on a little secret. If you’ve been dreaming of becoming that woman who can step out in bold jewellery on any occasion, stop dreaming. 
Because you ARE that woman.

Transforming into that woman, isn't something you should expect to happen overnight, but with a few tricks, tips and incentives from those on the other side of the jewellery scale, you'll never look back. Below you can find 5 of my favorite ways to transform yourself from Miss Plain Chain, to Confident Queen.

Scale Up Out of Your Comfort Zone

To start off wearing the biggest pieces may feel too much for you. My advice is go smaller than your dream piece, but bigger than your usual.

It's funny how putting something on that at first is just a step out of your comfort zone can add that little bit of confidence you never knew you had. Instead of scaring yourself off before you begin, start small-ish, and make a commitment to go bigger and scale up... when you're ready.  I actually learnt this from a friend of mine who started off wearing my Metropolis Semi Dome Pendant. She realised how comfortable it was to wear and it started her on a journey into more daring styles.

Let the Jewellery Do The Work

A common mistake you can make when you buy your first statement piece, is that you feel the need to dress everything up.


One of the main reasons I wear a statement piece is so that it does the work of dressing up for me. I keep the rest of my outfit simple, sticking to the basics. This allows the piece to shine and gives me an understated elegance. It's what I hear from the women who wear my Metropolis Slim Line Pendant. It makes wearing a simple silk shirt all the more effortless.

Choose Your Signature Piece

When stepping up your statement jewellery style, it's never going to stick if you go from slim chains to Iris Apfel overnight. Invest in one statement piece and give yourself the time to get used to wearing it. Get used to the compliments too. They'll pour in and give you that boost to investing in your second piece.

One At A Time

The joy of statement jewellery is that often what three rings would be required to achieve, one does with far less effort.

When venturing into bolder styles one is often enough. A beautiful ring like the Large Ebony, is a perfect example of how one piece does all the work.

Be A Queen For A Day

Don't give up on your ideal image of you.

If you have to tell yourself you're a queen for a day and you deserve the new attention and the joy of wearing a beautiful object, do it. It's the truth anyway.

In other words, fake it until you make it! 

Ready to give it a go yourself!
These pieces are great for statement jewellery new comers.