A necklace for all seasons

The Love Letter necklace is routed in the history of its beginnings as a South African Zulu beadwork necklace showing a token of affection, given to a prospective partner at the start of a romance.

As with new love, the necklace begins its life bright and boastful, with declarations of its value and promise expressed through the gold leaf which covers its beads. Each ‘bead’ element is composed of varying combinations of woods and metals whose true quality is concealed behind the thin metal leaf.

In the wearing of the necklace the layer of leaf wears off, leaving a trace of where it has been on the clothes and body, to eventually reveal the material beneath. The only memory of the initial precious layer will be trapped in the intricately cut levels found in the surface of the metal and wood.

Like fading promises spoken at a start of a romance, some beads will reveal themselves to be simple, some beautiful  and some unexpected. Only over time will their true colours be revealed.


Short listed as part of Sieraad Art Fairs, New Traditional Jewellery Competition


Materials: Ebony, zebrano, limewood, lignum vitae, wendge, variegated gold leaf, copper leaf, gold leaf, silver leaf, hand cut copper and brass.