Simone Brewster focuses on the design and production of exclusive sculptural statement jewellery and bespoke adornment.

Brewster has worked with galleries, boutiques and individuals who desire bold pieces to adorn their person and their personal spaces. With a focus on blending natural materials, and a commitment to designing and creating across mediums and scales her collections blend traditional hand craft with new technology. This approach gives life to jewellery that live on the body and objects which speak of a universal appreciation of design, craft and culture. 



SIMONE BREWSTER is the London based artist creating large scale, statement sculptural furniture and objet d'art and jewellery.

She holds a degree in Architecture from the Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London and an MA, Design Products from the Royal College of Art.
Using this she seamlessly works across scales, from jewellery and furniture, and beyond.  Her collections explore ‘intimate architectures’ - creating objects and spaces that utilise architectural principals throughout.

“Coming from an architectural background,
when making or designing an item,
 I approach it from the space it will inhabit and the atmosphere- 
both emotionally and physically, it will generate.”


Her work has been exhibited at the British Embassy during the London 2012 Olympic Games as an example of British Design Talent, The Royal College of Art 175 Year Anniversary Exhibition, Collect at the Saatchi Gallery, amongst many other domestic and international exhibitions.

Brewster is regularly invited as a public speaker on contemporary design.